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Apparently I wrote this in January and never posted it. Makes me laugh now so I just had to share.. I’ll have to do a post wedding re-cap, soon. ;)



Remember the days when things were all fine and dandy? Oh, the simpler times. Yeah… fast forward four months and things are not as smooth sailing to say the least. Wedding planning is no joke. It’s like, shave-years-off-your-life-I-wanna-barf-can’t-shake-this-anxiety kind of stress. Our wedding is constantly in the background of my mind 24/7 and it’s SICK. How can one day in the near future consume someone SO much?! I really try to not think about it, honestly. I am avoiding designing my own wedding invitations and to be frank, I am running out of distractions. Do you want to know what I did this weekend instead? I organized my linen closet.  I categorized each shelf, vacuumed the the corners, refolded pillow shams, rolled our towels (new system I’m trying out, it’s working great fyi). After two and a half years of living in this house, I finally have a neat linen closet. And all it took was.. getting engaged and planning a wedding! So I’m going to stare at that above picture and try to remember how happy my life is going to be once this is over.

Things I LOL about now:

  • The thought of me and Emil being collaborative about this process. I mean, we still kind of are.. but c’mon. It’s all me, baby.
  • The irony of having your own design / letterpress printing company only to come to a complete creative block when it comes to designing my own.
  • Our original wedding budget

Unexpected planning surprises:

  • Not doing certain things early like um, booking a hotel for your wedding party can be STRESSFUL. I certainly did not expect the logistics of this to be so complicated, not to mention expensive.. so woo.
  • Didn’t know how much lighting mattered and I definitely didn’t want our space to be poorly lit, so we went with a vendor to provide uplights throughout our venue. It was something I never even thought of but is somehow very necessary and although it wasn’t a crazy expense, was still unexpected.
  • How freakin hard it is to choose things like a ‘first dance song’
  • How fun tastings are! Can’t wait for the cake one coming up ;)
  • Engagements shoots are 100% absolutely necessary. Take it from a couple who thought the idea of e-photos were cheesy as hell. They may be, but if you make it ‘your own,’ you will look at them one day and be glad you did it. My suggestion is to keep it simple and have fun because it’ll show. I am so glad we did this because it made us feel SO much more comfortable in front of a camera and really eased my worries about how the big day will go.


Tassels and Tastemakers SF

October 9th, 2015 by Kat in Blog


Can I just brag for a sec about this awesome Wedding PR network we’re elated to be a part of?! Thank you, Be Inpsired PR for connecting us wedding professionals and being a solid source of inspiration in this community. We attended our first Tassels and Tastemakers event back in March and had so much fun (still need to blog about that), we were so thrilled that they asked us to contribute to their pop up hosted at the cute Sugarfina store in San Francisco. Well my friends, earlier this week Tassels and Tastemakers SF was featured on Inspired By This and Rue Magazine and now I can finally show you what all the fuss is about!

We were in charge of all the signage and name tags and while you may think this is a very small piece of the puzzle for any event (you’re right), when styled properly it can really impact the overall vibe of the party. It’s such a breath of fresh air to design something bright and modern, with a nice pink punch to it! Not that I don’t love designing for weddings, but I mean.. when do I ever get to design with pinks and corals and yummy fonts like that?


Sadly, we didn’t get to attend the event because we were at a destination wedding in Cabo (boo-hoo, I know) so I sent these off, and just waited for my Instagram feed to blow up with images so that I could pretend I was there. Look at how pretty the florals are! And how lovely they match with the signage! Happy sigh.



I seriously feel like I jumped into a game of Candy Land when I saw this shot. I love everything about it, I candyven (ha) put it into words. Check out the features on Inspired By This and Rue Daily now!

And of course, please give these babes a visit because these are the amazingly talented vendors that made this happen:

Host: Be Inspired PR 
Venue and Candy: Sugarfina
Photographer: Blueberry Photography
Videographer: Juicebox Media
Nametag Bar florals and design: Charmed Events Group
Popcorn, Cheese and Champagne station design: A Savvy Event
Selfie Backdrop and Lip Bar Design: Jesi Haack Design
Florals & Rentals: Rion Designs
Paper Goods: Paper Mint Press
Lip Bar Makeup Artist: Artistry By Danika
Stir Sticks: Delovely Details
Napkins: Wedding Paper Divas
Liquid Lipstick: Too Faced
Prints: Laura Hooper Calligraphy
Swag Bags: Wedding Chicks
Straws: Aardvark Straws
Champagne: Sofia Coppola by Francis Ford Coppola
Confetti: The Flair Exchange

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We are almost at the halfway point before our big day. We somehow managed to book almost all of our vendors within the first, oh, two months of being engaged? Yes, it’s crazy but we had to get it done before PMP gets too busy to do anything else.  Now we delve into the detailed bits of planning – finalizing guest list, tightening the budget, making a million decisions about details most people probably won’t notice… but hey, it’s all good stuff. I’m glad that we are collaborating on this process, much like we do with most major decisions and aesthetic choices, but you always hear about how the bride usually drives the process and has final say (somewhat true) and so far I’d say it’s been pretty equal. It helps that we share the same views on what we think is “cool” or “dumb.”  We are having fun thinking about our guests’ experience and how to tie in our theme and most importantly, how we want to design the invitation! Seriously, it’s the most fun part for me, and I’m very lucky that we are experiencing this as a team.


Most importantly…

Being engaged feels different. It might not affect your everyday routine much, except for when you catch the sparkle from your ring in a bathroom mirror from time to time (everyday), but something about knowing you and your partner are about to make a big commitment to each other is rather comforting and surprisingly not scary, which for some reason I was somewhat expecting.

I think we already kind of felt this way when we moved into our house, but now it feels much more real and “final.” And not in a negative way, but rather, it’s great to stare your future right in the eye and imagine all of the years ahead of you. You start to imagine things like kids, or household renovation projects, or trips you might take, or how each of you might change. You walk the dogs together and notice an old couple doing the same and say to each other, “Hey, that’ll be us!” Basically, it’s finally okay to talk about these things without sounding like a clingy weirdo.

You feel ready for whatever life changes are ahead – maybe a change in jobs or career, a shifting or growing business, and you think about how throughout all these changes, your husband/wife will be right there with you. And even though you drive each other crazy ALL THE TIME because surprise (!) — we’re not perfect, it still feels nice that they are there and will always be there to take it all in.

April 2016, I’m ready for you.

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Love Wins

June 26th, 2015 by Kat in Blog

I haven’t even shared this officially on this blog, but Emil and I are newly engaged! I will share details of the proposal in another post, but I felt compelled to write something today.

When we were discussing venues, many people asked me whether I was getting married in a church. Some just assumed so.. with my Catholic upbringing and all. To be honest, I didn’t really think it was that important to me where the ceremony was held. I consider myself more spiritual than religious, and felt that as long as our ceremony was personal to us, we could get married anywhere that was convenient to our reception venue.

Well.. fast forward to when we actually starting booking appointments and seeing many “all-in-one” venues was when I changed my mind. Some venues were really beautiful and had a lot of potential for a nice ceremony. I really liked the idea of people being able to enjoy a reception immediately following a wedding ceremony. But I think actually imagining myself getting married there didn’t really do it for me. I’m not sure why.. there was certainly nothing wrong with any of them but personally I just didn’t feel connected to the space.



Photo by Heather Kincaid.

I forget exactly how I stumbled upon Wayfarers Chapel or the “Glass Chapel.” It might have been Pinterest or just by searching wedding websites in South Bay.. but when I saw photos of it my heart skipped a beat for sure. I read about their history. Non-traditional and all religions welcomed?! Check. Same-sex weddings performed there?! Amazing. Nestled under trees with glass windows surrounding us?! Beautiful. Frank Lloyd Wright’s son designed it?! Bonus! I mean really… this chapel is just so perfect for us. I love that it’s not overly flooded with religious symbols and yet still feels so divine. I love that we will be married at such a historic place and one that is just so beautiful and has philosophies that we can really stand by. I love that we can bring our future children here to visit and be nostalgic about our day. I love how peaceful it feels overlooking the ocean. I just love love love it and find myself looking forward to this part the most and truthfully, I really thought it would be the other way around.

And all the while, as I sit here and think about how hard I agonized over picking a venue over the last few weeks, there were so many people fighting for the simple right to get married in the first place.  Kinda puts stuff into perspective, doesn’t it? Today same-sex marriage was ruled a constitutional right by our Supreme Court and I couldn’t be more proud. I feel so lucky that we get to be married at a time when we can finally witness marriage equality. Being engaged is a pretty surreal feeling. It’s wonderful to know that you will be marrying your partner and be fully committed to them for life and that you will be recognized as a married couple. I can’t imagine not being able to express that but now we really don’t have to. Love is love and love wins!!

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The Cream Event

May 14th, 2015 by Kat in Blog

This is a very late post but I could not NOT blog about my first The Cream Event at the Book Bindery in Culver City. I was told that this event is the creme de la creme of all bridal shows, and they were right. It did not disappoint one bit. Well, sorta. I registered but didn’t get a swag bag so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the teensiest bit disappointed, but the free booze and photobooths made up for it. ;)

I was just blown away by all vendors who were involved. I probably bored everyone to death afterwards because I could just not stop rambling about it! This year is the first year that they decided to do a color theme. Everyone had to wear white, which admittedly I felt was a little weird. But as soon as I got there, everyone just looked so crisp and coordinated. Is it wrong to plan my future house parties this way? Each booth was well-designed and executed with such style and variety… there was just something for everyone’s wedding taste. And I just have to note that these “3D Pinterest boards,” as I like to call them, really push the envelope as far as trends — there was always something new and refreshing that I hadn’t seen before that was just so awe-inspiring. Even though I pretend that I don’t secretly plan my future wedding, it’s hard not to make a million mental notes for when the time comes. Also, just when I thought I had my general wedding aesthetic on lockdown, this event surely made me question everything. There’s just so many different things you can do! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE?! I’m so glad I’m not actually engaged yet (…..ha).  Anyway, here’s a million crappy iPhone photos now. Bye.


Photo Mar 15, 8 03 35 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 17 58 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 18 10 PM (1)

…love these octagonal menus!

Photo Mar 15, 7 58 21 PM (1)

This was my FAVORITE setup. I’m desperately trying to recreate this for my backyard.

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 28 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 55 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 20 PM

Photo Mar 15, 7 59 41 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 21 17 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 03 51 PM (1)

That bird installment! Wow.

Photo Mar 15, 8 04 23 PM (1)

I died over this… flower table cloth set beneath the glass top. WANTS!

Photo Mar 15, 8 05 35 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 01 28 PM

Paper is so yesterday for placecards. Replace with rocks.. placerocks!

Photo Mar 15, 8 18 54 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 17 51 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 19 18 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 16 09 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 23 06 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 30 29 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 51 02 PM

Delicious treats and some fun cake toppers!

Photo Mar 15, 7 15 27 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 33 26 PM (1)

Nacho trough. I repeat: NACHO TROUGH.

Photo Mar 15, 8 24 28 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 45 38 PM

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Smilebooth Fun

March 16th, 2015 by Kat in Blog

When you are compulsively posting 10 million pictures from the same event on Instagram, I think maybe it’s time to gather all photos for a blog post instead. Sorry (not sorry) for the bombardment on our Instagram. I will do a full recap of The Cream Event here soon but for now, I will leave you with these fun photos of me and my friend Christine. Thank you, Smilebooth!


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Vintage Grecian Wedding Feature

February 3rd, 2015 by Kat in Blog

I’m so happy to finally be able to share this with you! Yesterday we were featured on Rustic Wedding Chic for this Vintage Grecian inspired shoot we were a part of.  When I was approached by Blossom Events to come up with a stationery suite utilizing antique gold, teal and turquoise, I was immediately hooked.  The shoot was going to be romantic and rustic, but I made sure to include a Grecian border on the stationery elements to tie in the theme and could not have been happier with how everything turned out. I loved how our signage was styled – take a look at some of my favorite shots below but also head on over here to see more from the shoot!













How amazing is that rustic table?! I think I need one to shoot all my wedding suites. ;) Also, note to self: replace all flatware in my house with brass ones because silver is boring now and um, why not pretend like I’m living in a styled shoot everyday?

Photography: Lucky Love Photography / Event Planner: Blossom Events / Venue: The 1909 / Makeup: Mad Flowers / Dress: Deborah Lindquist / Models: Inbal Amirav, Andrew Roach / Florals: Leafy Party / Rentals: Pretty Vintage Rentals / Cake: Eat Cake Café / Stationery: Paper Mint Press

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Back in the Game

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Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 11.24.42 PM

It’s here, it’s here! It’s finally here! Our new website and logo redesign has finally launched! Please excuse our dust – we are working on some last minute kinks. Feel free to contact us if you notice any dead links, glitches, or would like to give us general feedback. Some new stuff to check out:

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve last updated this! In case you are not following us, we have been regularly updating our Instagram, but I’ll give you a quick rundown of some great news as of late..

Late last year, we were featured in Style Me Pretty for this lovely Modern Invitation Suite. It was our first time being featured and we were so thrilled! We were also awarded Couples Choice in 2014 by Wedding Wire! We truly have the best clients – thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to review small businesses like ours. Last year was so great for us as our wedding portfolio blossomed and I was able to work closely with several other wedding professionals. This year is already looking crazier than the last, with weddings booked up until June and some great projects planned.. we’re anxious but ready to take on new frontiers! One of the ways we are doing this is teaming up with BeInspiredPR, where we are a Tastemaker along with some other amazing vendors in their network. We also have an awesome announcement later today..but please stay tuned and enjoy the site!


P.s. Special thanks to Bryan Vu, Fern Lee Photography, and Kate Noelle for the photography used for the site.


October 2nd, 2013 by Kat in Blog


1. Just taking a quick second to let you guys know that our wedding pricing has been updated. Instead of just offering a-la-carte pricing, we have compiled wedding packages to give you the best deals. I hope it encourages those on the fence about using our services – it’s such a great value!

2. Are you guys on Instagram? I pretty much only use my personal account and use the hashtag #papermintpress when posting letterpress-related stuff. If you guys are curious about what we’re up to, follow me. :)

3. Which leads me to my next point – if you don’t want to see pictures of my dog and/or food posts (yeah, I’m THAT girl), I have also added a little Instagram feed on the homepage that displays only posts tagged with #papermintpress. I figured since I am SOO slow at updating this website, this little feed is evidence that we’re alive and printing!

4. Anyone else a little depressed that Breaking Bad is over? *cry*

5. UMM, our new press is freaking AWESOME. I love it so much. We had about 2 days of training and then we were on our own.. and while we are not masters of the precious Heidelberg Windmill, we are certainly way more comfortable running it and are having so much fun with its capabilities. Any doubt I had about whether or not it was “worth” it to buy this press has been vanished by its impeccable registration, speed, and our sheer joy in running this powerful thing. BONUS: It’s pretty.

6. I am SOOO sad that we will not be vendors this year at the LA Printers Fair. There was just so much going on this year with the house and learning the new press, and tackling some giant orders last month – there was just no time to put stuff together this time around. :( We will certainly be attending and will be looking forward to seeing some of my favorite letterpress companies again, though! I will definitely be planning much earlier next year because the LA Printers Fair is one of my favorite events ever and it just sucks not having a presence there this year. My goal for next time is to have a lot more new stuff printed – greeting cards, art prints, recipe cards, coasters, etc. I’m really making it my personal mission to print just “for the hell of it” cause there’s nothing funner than watching your art come alive, right? Anyway, here are pics and a recap from last year. Many of the things we sold at the fair are still available in the shop!

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Monday Muse – Rock Talk

August 12th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

I remember while I was decorating my last apartment, that I took a step back, looked around, and realized in that moment what my aesthetic approach to everything was – nature. So much of the things I choose to surround myself with was derived by nature, which is weird considering the actual amount of time I spend in nature is ZERO unless you count my backyard. Anyway… I surrounded myself with nature – in the form of a felt birch log pillow, natural textures, trees. Oh my god, trees. Emil had a cardboard tree stump stool thing that I loved and even though no one sat on it (kinda felt weird/unnatural to sit on a paper box…even though it was designed to hold like 200 lbs). Our coatrack is even inspired by tree branches. I wanted wood everything. And as I am typing this I am realizing that I have these paper coasters sitting on my dining table right now.. and maybe I should’ve made this post about trees but instead it’s going to be about rocks because that’s what I’m into right now. Geodes, agates, rock formations in general. In fact, we went to the Melrose Trading Post flea market a few weeks ago and the only thing I snagged was a mirrored tray and an amethyst crystal. What for? I have no idea. But it probably won’t be the last time I pick them up. Rocks rock!

1. Rock Print | 2. Agate wall | 3. DIY Agate display | 4. Hand-cut Pink Geode Paper Art | 5. Geode Rug | 6. Print | 7. Purple Amethyst Card

P.s. Me and geodes go way back.

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Happy Friday! Plus a new addition…

August 9th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

I thought we were done when we bought the Vandercook, but apparently not. I am so thankful that our business has allowed us to get to this point.. never in a million years did I think I’d own one of these. I debated whether I wanted to invest in one of these since we don’t do many high-volume jobs but it’s hard to say “no” when the opportunity for a press like this arises. With our busy work schedules and the fact that our print jobs get produced at such a slow rate (we hand-feed AND treadle our machine with our feet!), we figured it would save us so much time in the end and that was worth it. We are still very intimidated by this beast, but oh so very excited to get our hands dirty! You know what this means, folks? We can soon start offering custom die shapes, and maybe in the future, even offer foil stamping?! Not to mention scoring and perforating is gonna be a breeze! First things first, though. Time to learn the basics of printing on this machine! And what a learning curve it’s going to be – we’ve already mangled a die-cutting jacket in this thing, but thankfully nothing bad happened to the actual press. We’re such noobz…

I hope I can really say that this finally completes our studio! But I have said that before so…


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True words.

August 9th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

  • Ugh, but is our house TOO blue? Our dining room is blue. Our living room rug is blue. Our bathrooms are navy. So a living room accent wall would be too much, right? But gray would be too bland. The adjacent walls will be light gray. Our couches are gray.  We can’t do the walls another shade of gray. But what other colors look good with Behr’s Burnished Clay? I think I prefer blues. Goddamnit!
  • Our living room is too masculine. It needs softer, rounder lines. Funner colors. Your radio collection takes up the entire top shelf, which is cool.. I like. But then the media console is very dark and manly. We need to change those pulls to something cuter from Anthro. I’m going to add flowers and vases everywhere. Do you think we need more accent pillows? I think so. Maybe a basket next to the couch to hold more throws? How about a stool under the mirror in the entry?
  • Do you think our rug is TOO blue? Too dark maybe? Maybe we should get another rug to layer! That’s really trendy right now. Ooh.. have you seen those cowhide rugs? Maybe one of those, to add some asymmetry to the living room? More visually interesting? We gotta break up all the West-Elm-iness of this place. Is an animal rug too creepy/weird? A bit much? Kinda sad, right? Hm. But I DO have an Amazon Gift Card…
  • Curtains CAN work with plantations shutters, OK!? I’ll find a way. You’ll see.
  • Shag rugs would be so hard to clean but they look/feel like heaven under your feet… we need this in our bedroom. I really hope Roscoe doesn’t vomit on it. Damnit they don’t come in 6×9! Is 5×7 too small? Are we eventually upgrading to a queen size bed? Then 5×7 would be too small, huh? Hm. But the rug is 50% off right now! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  • Wait. So are we hiring someone to paint the vaulted living room ceilings? Ugh but what color are we doing again?! Blue?
  • I hate those sconces. We need to get rid of them asap. Everytime I see them I want to die.
  • Wait. I forgot I have no money.
TRUE WORDS SPOKEN. Probably all within the span of 10 minutes, given the way my brain works. Yes, this is the mind of a graphic designer who can’t turn her itch to design OFF. It transcends everything and spills over into areas of your life that drives everyone around me crazy. Interior design is an entirely different level of design. So many things to consider, so many questions… Colors, textures, functionality, Feng Shui, balance, quirk – I can go on and on about how much of these factors I take into consideration. Sorry Emil, for having to deal with this. And thank you for being so cool/calm/patient with me. I change my mind all the time. I am easily pleased with something almost as fast as I am displeased/re-thinking it the next day. I will never be done with this house.
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Of a Kind

July 29th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

Have you guys heard of Of a Kind? One of my dearest friends visited me this weekend and gave me the most adorable grab bag as a late birthday/early housewarming gift. I had never heard of this site but when she described it to me, it sounded like something totally up my alley.. and she was right! Of a Kind features products from new and unique designers – jewelry, clothes, stationery, home goods, and more. I love it because you can really get a sense of the designers’ stories and creative processes. It’s awesome to “get to know” the person behind the product and you really do gain a sense of appreciation for everything they do — something we really value here at The Paper Mint Press. It’s also great because the designers create “editions” especially for Of a Kind.. so you know you are truly getting something unique. :)

In my grab bag were the following items:

1. Campfire candle & matches by Catbird (btw – Ive been such a huge fan of pretty much all their jewelry ..check em out!)

2. We’ve Moved postcards by Rifle Paper Co.

3. Guest toothbrush set by Izola (soooo thoughtful, no?)

4. Black & white tea towel by Shapes & Colors Textiles (too cute to actually use!)

(photo source)


…and here is a list of some of the things I’m eyeing:

1. Willis Lizard Wallet Clutch by Eayrslee

2. Rose Furies Ring by Unearthen

3. Alva Bracelet & Necklace by Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer

4. Bi Coastal Bag by Metalepsis Projects


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Monday Muse: Wall Colors

July 22nd, 2013 by jackie in Blog

Since we are currently undergoing some home renovations, we thought we’d do a post on our current inspiration: wall colors.  Some of these colors are not what you would immediately pick.  Let’s face it — brown isn’t everyone’s favorite color.  However many of these may act as a great neutral shade.  Here are a some color combos that may inspire you.

Brown+Gray  |  White + Olive  |  Teal +Peach|  Midnight Blue + White  |  Black + Taupe  |  Orange + Beige  |      Purple + Olive


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Hand-lettered walls..

July 16th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

Our friend, Roby, created this masterpiece in our living room with the countless paint samples we now own. It has been very difficult to choose the perfect accent color for the living room… especially when the existing colors are yellow + brown. Pee and poop.

Here’s one we did a few weeks before:

Told you the colors were crazy. I think at this point, we’ll probably end up waiting for our couches to be delivered before we make any final decisions on that accent wall cause I just don’t see it happening soon. I will say that Pinterest and Houzz have been AWESOME for home inspiration.. check them out! Or maybe that is exactly the reason I am so indecisive? Too many ideas! You’ve been warned.

I haven’t shared too much about our home buying experience, but I can tell you that beautifying a home is a very slow and expensive process. Not complaining — these are all “fun problems,” but there is definitely something about the way you care about something that you own. No time for hastiness.. everything has to be just right. Or maybe I’m just a perfectionist making everyone crazy, including myself. At any rate, we’ve been having fun in the meantime vandalizing, er, I mean.. painting murals before painting the real thing.

In other news, we’ve been spending a ton of time printing in the garage/studio since we’ve moved in. Here is a glimpse.. I know the lighting is crazy on all of these. They were taken with an iPhone at weird hours. ;)

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