Hello there!

We are Kat and Emil (e-muhl) and together, we operate a boutique letterpress company in Orange County, California. Our presses include a treadle-operated 10×15 Chandler & Price platen press, our beloved Heidelberg Windmill, and a Vandercook No.3 cylinder press.

The idea began back in 2011 with Kat’s passion for design – she was already designing custom invitations for family and friends when she discovered a resurgence in letterpress printing. Her admiration for the old printing technique led her to take introductory classes (taking Emil with her) and they quickly realized how much they enjoyed printing on the antique presses and how much they valued the craftsmanship it requires.

They acquired their first letterpress, a Chandler & Price 10×15, from a local print shop, restored it to working condition, and their journey in letterpress began. Taking on small orders “here and there” and learning various print techniques on their press, their business slowly started picking up. Today, they operate three different presses, all with unique abilities and specialize in wedding/event stationery and business cards.

These days, Kat handles the “business side” of things, as well as the design work and printing. Emil, or the “muscle of the operation” as he likes to call himself, specializes in cutting, press set-up, and printing. When they’re not working, they enjoy spending time with their dogs, Roscoe & Marty, and splitting an Americano and quiche from The Lost Bean. Kat enjoys calligraphy, yoga, and vast amounts of chocolate while Emil loves to collect and restore vintage mopeds and radios and practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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