Wedding Updates

July 27th, 2016 by Kat in Uncategorized

Apparently I wrote this in January and never posted it. Makes me laugh now so I just had to share.. I’ll have to do a post wedding re-cap, soon. ;)



Remember the days when things were all fine and dandy? Oh, the simpler times. Yeah… fast forward four months and things are not as smooth sailing to say the least. Wedding planning is no joke. It’s like, shave-years-off-your-life-I-wanna-barf-can’t-shake-this-anxiety kind of stress. Our wedding is constantly in the background of my mind 24/7 and it’s SICK. How can one day in the near future consume someone SO much?! I really try to not think about it, honestly. I am avoiding designing my own wedding invitations and to be frank, I am running out of distractions. Do you want to know what I did this weekend instead? I organized my linen closet.  I categorized each shelf, vacuumed the the corners, refolded pillow shams, rolled our towels (new system I’m trying out, it’s working great fyi). After two and a half years of living in this house, I finally have a neat linen closet. And all it took was.. getting engaged and planning a wedding! So I’m going to stare at that above picture and try to remember how happy my life is going to be once this is over.

Things I LOL about now:

  • The thought of me and Emil being collaborative about this process. I mean, we still kind of are.. but c’mon. It’s all me, baby.
  • The irony of having your own design / letterpress printing company only to come to a complete creative block when it comes to designing my own.
  • Our original wedding budget

Unexpected planning surprises:

  • Not doing certain things early like um, booking a hotel for your wedding party can be STRESSFUL. I certainly did not expect the logistics of this to be so complicated, not to mention expensive.. so woo.
  • Didn’t know how much lighting mattered and I definitely didn’t want our space to be poorly lit, so we went with a vendor to provide uplights throughout our venue. It was something I never even thought of but is somehow very necessary and although it wasn’t a crazy expense, was still unexpected.
  • How freakin hard it is to choose things like a ‘first dance song’
  • How fun tastings are! Can’t wait for the cake one coming up ;)
  • Engagements shoots are 100% absolutely necessary. Take it from a couple who thought the idea of e-photos were cheesy as hell. They may be, but if you make it ‘your own,’ you will look at them one day and be glad you did it. My suggestion is to keep it simple and have fun because it’ll show. I am so glad we did this because it made us feel SO much more comfortable in front of a camera and really eased my worries about how the big day will go.


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