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We are almost at the halfway point before our big day. We somehow managed to book almost all of our vendors within the first, oh, two months of being engaged? Yes, it’s crazy but we had to get it done before PMP gets too busy to do anything else.  Now we delve into the detailed bits of planning – finalizing guest list, tightening the budget, making a million decisions about details most people probably won’t notice… but hey, it’s all good stuff. I’m glad that we are collaborating on this process, much like we do with most major decisions and aesthetic choices, but you always hear about how the bride usually drives the process and has final say (somewhat true) and so far I’d say it’s been pretty equal. It helps that we share the same views on what we think is “cool” or “dumb.”  We are having fun thinking about our guests’ experience and how to tie in our theme and most importantly, how we want to design the invitation! Seriously, it’s the most fun part for me, and I’m very lucky that we are experiencing this as a team.


Most importantly…

Being engaged feels different. It might not affect your everyday routine much, except for when you catch the sparkle from your ring in a bathroom mirror from time to time (everyday), but something about knowing you and your partner are about to make a big commitment to each other is rather comforting and surprisingly not scary, which for some reason I was somewhat expecting.

I think we already kind of felt this way when we moved into our house, but now it feels much more real and “final.” And not in a negative way, but rather, it’s great to stare your future right in the eye and imagine all of the years ahead of you. You start to imagine things like kids, or household renovation projects, or trips you might take, or how each of you might change. You walk the dogs together and notice an old couple doing the same and say to each other, “Hey, that’ll be us!” Basically, it’s finally okay to talk about these things without sounding like a clingy weirdo.

You feel ready for whatever life changes are ahead – maybe a change in jobs or career, a shifting or growing business, and you think about how throughout all these changes, your husband/wife will be right there with you. And even though you drive each other crazy ALL THE TIME because surprise (!) — we’re not perfect, it still feels nice that they are there and will always be there to take it all in.

April 2016, I’m ready for you.

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