Love Wins

June 26th, 2015 by Kat in Blog

I haven’t even shared this officially on this blog, but Emil and I are newly engaged! I will share details of the proposal in another post, but I felt compelled to write something today.

When we were discussing venues, many people asked me whether I was getting married in a church. Some just assumed so.. with my Catholic upbringing and all. To be honest, I didn’t really think it was that important to me where the ceremony was held. I consider myself more spiritual than religious, and felt that as long as our ceremony was personal to us, we could get married anywhere that was convenient to our reception venue.

Well.. fast forward to when we actually starting booking appointments and seeing many “all-in-one” venues was when I changed my mind. Some venues were really beautiful and had a lot of potential for a nice ceremony. I really liked the idea of people being able to enjoy a reception immediately following a wedding ceremony. But I think actually imagining myself getting married there didn’t really do it for me. I’m not sure why.. there was certainly nothing wrong with any of them but personally I just didn’t feel connected to the space.



Photo by Heather Kincaid.

I forget exactly how I stumbled upon Wayfarers Chapel or the “Glass Chapel.” It might have been Pinterest or just by searching wedding websites in South Bay.. but when I saw photos of it my heart skipped a beat for sure. I read about their history. Non-traditional and all religions welcomed?! Check. Same-sex weddings performed there?! Amazing. Nestled under trees with glass windows surrounding us?! Beautiful. Frank Lloyd Wright’s son designed it?! Bonus! I mean really… this chapel is just so perfect for us. I love that it’s not overly flooded with religious symbols and yet still feels so divine. I love that we will be married at such a historic place and one that is just so beautiful and has philosophies that we can really stand by. I love that we can bring our future children here to visit and be nostalgic about our day. I love how peaceful it feels overlooking the ocean. I just love love love it and find myself looking forward to this part the most and truthfully, I really thought it would be the other way around.

And all the while, as I sit here and think about how hard I agonized over picking a venue over the last few weeks, there were so many people fighting for the simple right to get married in the first place. ┬áKinda puts stuff into perspective, doesn’t it? Today same-sex marriage was ruled a constitutional right by our Supreme Court and I couldn’t be more proud. I feel so lucky that we get to be married at a time when we can finally witness marriage equality. Being engaged is a pretty surreal feeling. It’s wonderful to know that you will be marrying your partner and be fully committed to them for life and that you will be recognized as a married couple. I can’t imagine not being able to express that but now we really don’t have to. Love is love and love wins!!

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