The Cream Event

May 14th, 2015 by Kat in Blog

This is a very late post but I could not NOT blog about my first The Cream Event at the Book Bindery in Culver City. I was told that this event is the creme de la creme of all bridal shows, and they were right. It did not disappoint one bit. Well, sorta. I registered but didn’t get a swag bag so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t the teensiest bit disappointed, but the free booze and photobooths made up for it. ;)

I was just blown away by all vendors who were involved. I probably bored everyone to death afterwards because I could just not stop rambling about it! This year is the first year that they decided to do a color theme. Everyone had to wear white, which admittedly I felt was a little weird. But as soon as I got there, everyone just looked so crisp and coordinated. Is it wrong to plan my future house parties this way? Each booth was well-designed and executed with such style and variety… there was just something for everyone’s wedding taste. And I just have to note that these “3D Pinterest boards,” as I like to call them, really push the envelope as far as trends — there was always something new and refreshing that I hadn’t seen before that was just so awe-inspiring. Even though I pretend that I don’t secretly plan my future wedding, it’s hard not to make a million mental notes for when the time comes. Also, just when I thought I had my general wedding aesthetic on lockdown, this event surely made me question everything. There’s just so many different things you can do! HOW DOES ONE CHOOSE?! I’m so glad I’m not actually engaged yet (…..ha).  Anyway, here’s a million crappy iPhone photos now. Bye.


Photo Mar 15, 8 03 35 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 17 58 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 18 10 PM (1)

…love these octagonal menus!

Photo Mar 15, 7 58 21 PM (1)

This was my FAVORITE setup. I’m desperately trying to recreate this for my backyard.

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 28 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 55 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 6 20 20 PM

Photo Mar 15, 7 59 41 PM

Photo Mar 15, 6 21 17 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 03 51 PM (1)

That bird installment! Wow.

Photo Mar 15, 8 04 23 PM (1)

I died over this… flower table cloth set beneath the glass top. WANTS!

Photo Mar 15, 8 05 35 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 01 28 PM

Paper is so yesterday for placecards. Replace with rocks.. placerocks!

Photo Mar 15, 8 18 54 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 17 51 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 19 18 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 16 09 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 23 06 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 30 29 PM

Photo Mar 15, 8 51 02 PM

Delicious treats and some fun cake toppers!

Photo Mar 15, 7 15 27 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 33 26 PM (1)

Nacho trough. I repeat: NACHO TROUGH.

Photo Mar 15, 8 24 28 PM (1)

Photo Mar 15, 8 45 38 PM

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