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1. Just taking a quick second to let you guys know that our wedding pricing has been updated. Instead of just offering a-la-carte pricing, we have compiled wedding packages to give you the best deals. I hope it encourages those on the fence about using our services – it’s such a great value!

2. Are you guys on Instagram? I pretty much only use my personal account and use the hashtag #papermintpress when posting letterpress-related stuff. If you guys are curious about what we’re up to, follow me. :)

3. Which leads me to my next point – if you don’t want to see pictures of my dog and/or food posts (yeah, I’m THAT girl), I have also added a little Instagram feed on the homepage that displays only posts tagged with #papermintpress. I figured since I am SOO slow at updating this website, this little feed is evidence that we’re alive and printing!

4. Anyone else a little depressed that Breaking Bad is over? *cry*

5. UMM, our new press is freaking AWESOME. I love it so much. We had about 2 days of training and then we were on our own.. and while we are not masters of the precious Heidelberg Windmill, we are certainly way more comfortable running it and are having so much fun with its capabilities. Any doubt I had about whether or not it was “worth” it to buy this press has been vanished by its impeccable registration, speed, and our sheer joy in running this powerful thing. BONUS: It’s pretty.

6. I am SOOO sad that we will not be vendors this year at the LA Printers Fair. There was just so much going on this year with the house and learning the new press, and tackling some giant orders last month – there was just no time to put stuff together this time around. :( We will certainly be attending and will be looking forward to seeing some of my favorite letterpress companies again, though! I will definitely be planning much earlier next year because the LA Printers Fair is one of my favorite events ever and it just sucks not having a presence there this year. My goal for next time is to have a lot more new stuff printed – greeting cards, art prints, recipe cards, coasters, etc. I’m really making it my personal mission to print just “for the hell of it” cause there’s nothing funner than watching your art come alive, right? Anyway, here are pics and a recap from last year. Many of the things we sold at the fair are still available in the shop!

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