Monday Muse – Rock Talk

August 12th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

I remember while I was decorating my last apartment, that I took a step back, looked around, and realized in that moment what my aesthetic approach to everything was – nature. So much of the things I choose to surround myself with was derived by nature, which is weird considering the actual amount of time I spend in nature is ZERO unless you count my backyard. Anyway… I surrounded myself with nature – in the form of a felt birch log pillow, natural textures, trees. Oh my god, trees. Emil had a cardboard tree stump stool thing that I loved and even though no one sat on it (kinda felt weird/unnatural to sit on a paper box…even though it was designed to hold like 200 lbs). Our coatrack is even inspired by tree branches. I wanted wood everything. And as I am typing this I am realizing that I have these paper coasters sitting on my dining table right now.. and maybe I should’ve made this post about trees but instead it’s going to be about rocks because that’s what I’m into right now. Geodes, agates, rock formations in general. In fact, we went to the Melrose Trading Post flea market a few weeks ago and the only thing I snagged was a mirrored tray and an amethyst crystal. What for? I have no idea. But it probably won’t be the last time I pick them up. Rocks rock!

1. Rock Print | 2. Agate wall | 3. DIY Agate display | 4. Hand-cut Pink Geode Paper Art | 5. Geode Rug | 6. Print | 7. Purple Amethyst Card

P.s. Me and geodes go way back.

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