True words.

August 9th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

  • Ugh, but is our house TOO blue? Our dining room is blue. Our living room rug is blue. Our bathrooms are navy. So a living room accent wall would be too much, right? But gray would be too bland. The adjacent walls will be light gray. Our couches are gray.  We can’t do the walls another shade of gray. But what other colors look good with Behr’s Burnished Clay? I think I prefer blues. Goddamnit!
  • Our living room is too masculine. It needs softer, rounder lines. Funner colors. Your radio collection takes up the entire top shelf, which is cool.. I like. But then the media console is very dark and manly. We need to change those pulls to something cuter from Anthro. I’m going to add flowers and vases everywhere. Do you think we need more accent pillows? I think so. Maybe a basket next to the couch to hold more throws? How about a stool under the mirror in the entry?
  • Do you think our rug is TOO blue? Too dark maybe? Maybe we should get another rug to layer! That’s really trendy right now. Ooh.. have you seen those cowhide rugs? Maybe one of those, to add some asymmetry to the living room? More visually interesting? We gotta break up all the West-Elm-iness of this place. Is an animal rug too creepy/weird? A bit much? Kinda sad, right? Hm. But I DO have an Amazon Gift Card…
  • Curtains CAN work with plantations shutters, OK!? I’ll find a way. You’ll see.
  • Shag rugs would be so hard to clean but they look/feel like heaven under your feet… we need this in our bedroom. I really hope Roscoe doesn’t vomit on it. Damnit they don’t come in 6×9! Is 5×7 too small? Are we eventually upgrading to a queen size bed? Then 5×7 would be too small, huh? Hm. But the rug is 50% off right now! WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  • Wait. So are we hiring someone to paint the vaulted living room ceilings? Ugh but what color are we doing again?! Blue?
  • I hate those sconces. We need to get rid of them asap. Everytime I see them I want to die.
  • Wait. I forgot I have no money.
TRUE WORDS SPOKEN. Probably all within the span of 10 minutes, given the way my brain works. Yes, this is the mind of a graphic designer who can’t turn her itch to design OFF. It transcends everything and spills over into areas of your life that drives everyone around me crazy. Interior design is an entirely different level of design. So many things to consider, so many questions… Colors, textures, functionality, Feng Shui, balance, quirk – I can go on and on about how much of these factors I take into consideration. Sorry Emil, for having to deal with this. And thank you for being so cool/calm/patient with me. I change my mind all the time. I am easily pleased with something almost as fast as I am displeased/re-thinking it the next day. I will never be done with this house.
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