Hand-lettered walls..

July 16th, 2013 by Kat in Blog

Our friend, Roby, created this masterpiece in our living room with the countless paint samples we now own. It has been very difficult to choose the perfect accent color for the living room… especially when the existing colors are yellow + brown. Pee and poop.

Here’s one we did a few weeks before:

Told you the colors were crazy. I think at this point, we’ll probably end up waiting for our couches to be delivered before we make any final decisions on that accent wall cause I just don’t see it happening soon. I will say that Pinterest and Houzz have been AWESOME for home inspiration.. check them out! Or maybe that is exactly the reason I am so indecisive? Too many ideas! You’ve been warned.

I haven’t shared too much about our home buying experience, but I can tell you that beautifying a home is a very slow and expensive process. Not complaining — these are all “fun problems,” but there is definitely something about the way you care about something that you own. No time for hastiness.. everything has to be just right. Or maybe I’m just a perfectionist making everyone crazy, including myself. At any rate, we’ve been having fun in the meantime vandalizing, er, I mean.. painting murals before painting the real thing.

In other news, we’ve been spending a ton of time printing in the garage/studio since we’ve moved in. Here is a glimpse.. I know the lighting is crazy on all of these. They were taken with an iPhone at weird hours. ;)

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